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DLL files are used by a wide range of Microsoft Windows program developers. The DLL file you see on your local computer could have been created by a program or multiple programs running on your computer. If you modify or delete the contents of a Dll file, it is possible that you will result in multiple errors in the program in which the file is located. If you want to edit, manipulate, and rebuild the DLL file, you should follow the steps in the upcoming step-by-step guide. DLL files are made up of modules or nodes that work together to execute the additional tasks required by Windows programs.

  • Early on it was hard for even legitimate programmers to get access to Microsoft’s programming constructs and file formats.
  • Parameter to get a list of all available parameters.
  • Unwanted download and installation of malware is not the only problem caused by these tools.

The term EXE is a shortened version of the word executable as it identifies the file as a program. On the other hand, DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library, which commonly contains functions and procedures that can be used by other programs. Now imagine that there are two kind of employees in that company. Some of them are called “Applications” and they all carry a name badge that has a “.EXE” printed on it. Applications are highly trained specialists, who focus on a certain task.

This DLL is a building block of the Windows Operating System. Windows Operating System calls required DLL files only when needed and release when not in use so this reduces memory usage of the system. Monitor processes, services, and startup programs and remove malware.


It uses the .dll, .ocx or .drv extensions and they are used in Microsoft Windows and OS/2 operating systems. And .ocx extension is used by libraries that contain ActiveX controls and .drv extension is used by legacy system driver files. The DLL file format is same as the Windows EXE files (Portable Executable files on 32-bit/64-bit Windows, and New Executable on 16-bit Windows). Therefore, any combination of code, data and resources can be contained in DLL files .

Another option is to install a free utility called Dependency Walker. It checks to see if the files used by a program have circular dependencies and are valid. A technique used by viruses to infect computers unnoticed by users or antivirus applications. This is a type of attack, sometimes caused by viruses, that prevents users from accessing certain services (in the operating system, web servers etc.). What makes fileless infections so insidious is also what makes them so effective. In fact, the Ponemon Institute claims that fileless attacks are 10 times more likely to succeed than file-based attacks. Client

Malicious LNKs are generally seen to be using PowerShell and CMD by which they can connect to malicious URLs to download malicious payloads. One way to fix the problem of missing is to reinstall the program. It is also possible to fix the issue by running System Restore. It will undo the last changes made to the computer, and you should be able to see the files again.

Method 1: Manual steps to fix “file contained a virus and was deleted” (Tested Method)

A little search on this will make you happy in this regards. If the advices above haven’t solved your issue, your PC may experience deeper Windows problems. We recommend downloading this PC Repair tool (rated Great on to easily address them. After installation, simply click the Start Scan button and then press on Repair All. Looking for a specific DLL file can be a bit tedious and time-consuming, but if the DLL is missing from an app, reinstalling it will also bring a fresh DLL with it. The same idea would work if the missing DLL files in Windows 10 were for games.

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